Pride House

There is real power in being a member of a community of like-minded individuals, all striving to improve themselves. Sober living is one important way to build a network of people you can rely on to sustain, and celebrate, a life of recovery. Pride House of Dallas is an organization that provides sober living and life skill training for LGBTQ clients with substance use disorder. It offers assistance to men and women, who struggle with addiction that need a safe and secure place to live while they continue on their journey to recovery. Most of the clients will be newly discharged from treatment facilities, mental health hospitals, medical hospitals or detox centers from the DFW are and around the country.

Living in a sober community is a chance to cultivate new, positive relationships with people that are also on the journey toward recovery. Many people battling dependence on drugs and alcohol find themselves isolated and alone while relationships with family and significant others are strained from the stress of addiction. During the recovery process, individuals are able develop connections and bonds with other residents as they continue to grow and heal in recovery. Community, structure and lack of social isolation are just some of the benefits our residents receive from living at Pride House.

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