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Tera Rudloff, MBA, Director of Business

Board Secretary

Sundance Behavioral Health Systems, Director of Business Development

Tera Rudloff, MBA

Tera has extensive experience working for psychiatric hospitals in Abilene, Denton and Arlington. She is passionate about volunteering and has helped at Heart of Texas as the Networking Organizer Brown County Alzheimer’s Support and the President of Brown County Child Welfare Board. She received her masters degree from Keller Graduate School of Management and has a bachelors of Sales and Marketing from DeVry. 

There is nothing more rewarding then my career in the mental health and chemical dependency field. I see people enter at their worst and leave filled with hope and goals for their future. It is the patients who come by later, who let you know their success story and how far that they have come since their stay, that make my industry worthwhile. Being able to help a patient who’s at their lowest point, realize that there can be a tomorrow, makes every single day worthwhile. #EndTheStigma 

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Board Vice President

Counselor at Gateway Foundation

River Tu

River Tu is a queer, nonbinary, transgender person who is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. They will be graduating with their M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of North Texas (UNT) in Summer 2018. As a participant in UNT’s Integrated Care and Behavioral Health (ICBH) Project, River received multicultural and integrated care training for medically underserved communities seeking access to mental health care. They have also received training in trauma-informed care for transgender individuals due to their active involvement within the transgender community.


River is a Counselor at Gateway Foundation and a counselor intern at Promise House. They have provided LGBTQ+ clinical training for counselors and assisted Promise House in providing a safe, affirmative environment for LGBTQ+ clients. River is currently working on providing training and staff development for Gateway Foundation and Dallas County Probation to promote affirmative and specialized treatment for LGBTQ+ clients receiving judicial treatment for substance use disorder.


River is passionate about reducing the stigma and barriers the LGBTQ+ community faces in the mental health industry through education and advocacy.

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Weldon makes sure everyone is happy and feels loved. He never discriminates and greets everyone with super warm welcome.